Why Products And Services Make Good Evaluations?

How Assessment Models Evaluate Topics In A Site

Site Assessment Recommended

The site assessments an initial investigation and is usually limited to a search of historical records and a review of existing data. The review and collection also includes information about past and current environmental conditions and historical uses of the site.

With that said, now you should have a better understanding of why products and services make good evaluations.

An assessment model invites visitors to participate in a free online evaluation of a product, such as toMarketing programs

  • lose or gain weight product,
  • quit smoking,
  • stop gambling,
  • vigorous exercising program, etc; The site recommends products and programs you purchase based on your answers to the assessments questions.

You are sold a low-price or “front end” product to start, then upsold to a more expensive “back end” product after purchasing the entry-level product.

Tabloid-Style Homepages

Some homepages will be presented in the line of a “tabloid style” – lots of interesting little items to chose from. (This is kinda in the style of my articles and post.)

Many bloggers don’t like ‘tabloid-style’ homepages because there’s no single point of focus and no unifying positioning copy to tie it together or define the site’s brand. But they work, which is what matters most.

Your eye might be drawn to the call to action (CTA) printed below on the assessment questionnaire form. Whatever it may be, it asks the reader to fill in their height, weight, and age and then ask you to ‘continue’ on through a series of screens asking you more questions.

Depending on what the program is, lets say for example, a weight loss program. The program will design a customized weight loss plan for you. (Most will charge some type of monthly fee) Along the way, you are offered a number of free subscriptions and information on advertised products.

Once you sign off from the program, don’t worry! The system will let you know that your information was saved regardless of when you return. You may even see something like, “Click here for a special offer for return visitors!”

Diet sites helps users choose which information program is best for them. Choices include diets, meal plans, exercise programs and support. The site then communicates with you daily and automatically with emails containing timely, personalized information and inspiration.

All the terms and information on the site are written in plain English. (There’s a translator button for your preferred language). The site is aimed at a lay audience: weight, exercise, diet, meal plans, recipes, fitness, and personal trainer. There’s no nutritional or medical jargon of any kind.


The sales funnel is an online business model you can use in tandem with a central website or the hub-and-spoke model. In a B2B website (Business to Business), the sales funnel converts traffic to sales in stages: capturing the prospect’s contact information; qualifying the lead; nurturing the lead throughout the sales cycle; helping prospects explore the products; engaging potential customers and clients; and finally closing the sale.

For an information marketing business, the funnel captures the name and email address to build the list, up sells to an inexpensive front-end product, and then cross-sells and up sells additional product.

The methods for constructing sales funnel for both consumer and B2B products and services are very vital to maximizing a website’s ROI.


The product launch formula (PLF) is an internet marketing tactic or model pioneered by Jeff Walker. This formula has four steps, each a sequence of emails and in some cases other promotions as well.

  1. Pre-Prelaunch. You use this to start building anticipation among your most loyal fans. The pre-prelaunch is also used to judge how receptive the market will be to your offer.
  2. Prelaunch. This is where you gradually romance your market with three pieces of high-value prelaunch content, while also answering the objections of your market, over a period of 5 to12 days.
  3. Launch. Your launch sequence starts with the email that says, “We’re open, you can finally buy now,” and continues for a finite amount of time, usually anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days, until you finally shut it down.
  4. Post-Launch. This is the cleanup sequence, where you follow up with your new clients as well as the prospects who didn’t buy from you.

Used primarily for information products, the launch can generate massive sales of a single product with in a relatively short time period.

Membership Sites

Membership sites have long been a popular model for entrepreneurial internet marketers selling information products, advice, coaching, and consulting.

More recently, business selling merchandise and services have begun creating membership sites to generate ancillary passive income – anything that makes money without direct labor – as an adjunct to their core business.

Affiliate Marketing

Generating passive income is one of the great things about a membership site. Passive income streams generate positive cash flow for you on Sundays, holidays, vacations, and even while you sleep. (With active income streams, you get paid only when you are working.)

The trade off with a passive income stream site, specifically a membership, is this: with any passive income generator online, there is a lot of work upfront, with minimal revenue until the site is established and running. But from then on, it can generate a nice monthly revenue stream with little or no additional work on your part.

By comparison, you can ramp up an active income stream, particularly for a service business, fairly rapidly and start generating revenue right away without a huge investment in infrastructure. But then you have to continually work and perform the service to make money; it never lets up.

With a membership site generating passive income, you can supplement your core business income with a second cash flow stream.

For this reason, I often advise solopreneurs and SOHO (small office, home office) businesses to develop at least two income streams, one active and one passive, and to build each to annual six-figure revenues.  Here you’ll also soon discover why website traffic bring great results.

That way, if you can’t or don’t want to work anymore, you can live nicely on the passive income with little or no effort on your part.

How A Few Steps Can Convert To Sells

Why do I say your business’s digital marketing should embrace direct response? Here are ‘three quick examples’ to give you a taste of what I mean, with more examples coming.

  • You send an email inviting prospects to download a free white paper. They click on a link, go to a landing page, fill in their information, click Submit, and get the free white paper – and you have captured a name, email address, and sales lead to follow up and convert to a customer. That’s classic lead-generating direct marketing – not branding or image advertising.
  • You put together a webinar. You send out emails driving prospects to a registration page, and people register. Your audience hears your message, and you make special offers to them during and after the event email follow-up. This is typical direct-response seminar marketing, only electronic instead of with a newspaper ad or mailed paper brochure.
  • You run online ads in various e newsletters and banners on websites. You also rent e lists and send those prospects email marketing messages. In response, people click to a web page promoting a product, part, or other item. A percentage of visitors go to your shopping cart, and pay with credit card or PayPal. You make direct sales – what we in the pre-digital age called “mail order marketing” – or one-step direct marketing.

With direct responses as your driving force and primary objective, your websites can do better.

A lot better. That means more traffic, conversions, leads, customers, orders, sales, and profits. By combining proven-response methods with technological capabilities inherent in all your digital marketing – websites, landing pages, online ads, email marketing, social media, blogs, and more – you can take your business to the next level.

Be your company’s marketing hero. Help your business make more money than ever before. And in doing so, see your own compensation, income, and wealth rise to unprecedented levels.

Stay Ahead Of The Pack

On the off chance that your business does not even have a website, my articles will give you, the up and coming entrepreneur, an opportunity to launch your site on the right track.

Wisely choose the right online business model from the get-go, and you’ll be light years ahead of competitors who haven’t got a clue about how to monetize their sites.online marketer

And yes, you do need a website, whether you are an industrial distributor or a neighborhood thrift shop.

In the internet age, your organization’s digital presence is paramount to success.

According to a survey from Enterprise Innovation, 86% of respondents look to the internet first when searching for information or recommendations.

I have been in marketing since the late 1970s.

Like many of those in my generation, I have profitably adapted our proven direct-marketing and -selling techniques websites to websites and other digital marketing channels, including email, online ads, landing pages, content marketing, and even social media.

Over time, as my articles progress, I’ll be sharing with you tested direct-responses methods that can increase your online revenues 50%, 100%, even 200% or more. How much more?

With direct response, the sky is the limit. So get ready for the ride of your life as you make your internet sales soar to the stratosphere.

I do have a favor to ask. If you have found a digital marketing medium or technique that works like ‘like gangbusters’ for you, please let me know so I can share it with my readers.

In Conclusion

Just remember my friends, regardless of what your business model is, you must take it seriously. Nothing comes free and easy. You must work hard to achieve your goal. You don’t know what to promote? Or maybe you have an existing business, but want to expand?

Maybe you just want to learn how to build traffic regarding your business? The answer to these questions and many more that you may have, is right here. Check it out:

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