Always Looking Down That ‘Path To Success!’

How The Road To Earning Is Simple | My Journey From Past To Present


Hello, I’m Ron Kennedy,

“That’s Interesting! I’d Like To Try That,” I Would Generally Say! Always Studying And Wanting To Learn New Things, My Interest In Business Started At An Early Age. Still Affiliate Marketing ‘Tops My List,’ And I Enjoy Helping Others Succeed. Tell Me Who Doesn’t Enjoy Earning Extra Commission?

When The Internet Burst On The Scene, All Different Types Of Online Businesses Soon Followed. Then That’s When Ron Got Busy.

Born And Raised In The Windy City (Chicago), Ron Later Re-located To California. But Success Was Never Easy For Ron. He Worked Hard For Everything That Came His Way! When It Came Down To Business, He Left No Stone Unturned!

After Earning His Associates Degree In May 2000, Ron Wanted To Become a Pathologist Assistant Working With The Medical Staff At The Local Hospitals Or A Funeral Director.

Ron Keeps His Nose To The Grindstone And Every Task He Undertake. He’s Very Serious And Satisfied When A Job Is Well Done And Won’t Settle For Anything Less.

Regardless If Ron Is Working Online With His Business, Sketching A Drawing, Updating A New Funny Profile For His humor Book, Creating Paintings, Or Working On His Music With His Chicago Brothers, He Always Find Time To Help Others Succeed.

Sometime He’d Have To Ask Himself; Which Does He Like To Spend Most Of His Time Working On?

Ron’s Says; “That’s What It’s All About In Life; Helping Others Succeed In Their Journey.” We All Want To Succeed At Something In Life (At Least, Most Of Us Do). Some Folks Just Love To Skim By And Accept Whatever Life Hands Them.

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