How You Learn And Earn In 2023 – 7 Steps On Being A Top Dog Affiliate.

December 28, 2021

Last updated Jan 18, 2023

Now Earning And Learning Is ‘Key’ On Becoming Top Dog In The Online Business World!

How You Learn And Earn In 2023 - Man followed the 7 Steps On Being A Top Dog Affiliate.

Now’s a great time to get a ‘fresh start’ and take starting an online business seriously. Making money online is easier than you’d think.

Regardless of what you’ve heard from other people about online businesses being ‘rip offs’ and ‘scams,’ that is So Un-True!! How you earn and learn is really based upon how disciplined you are and how bad you want it.

You can start educating yourself and build your business, through the help of other qualified members without ANY Upfront Investing. (Bootcamp training will definitely get you started!)

I’m here now to reveal seven easy steps to get you started! Succeeding online is no secret! If you are a novice, know just a little about internet marketing or just plain old clueless, but has the desire to learn, then this is for you.

 1) Choose a niche:

You may ask; “What is a niche?” If you’re a ‘first-time starter.’ A niche is simple, it is an audience. (Nothing No more, No less!) An audience looks for stuff online, for example, what are some of the last searches you did in Google. These are ALL niches. You sit at your pc, searching for a special product or service, then you are classified ‘an audience.’

Once you’ve joined Wealthy Affiliates, I am going to help you UNDERSTAND what a niche is. We’ll also show you how to come up with niches that you are interested in, how to choose a niche…and if you can’t come up with your own niche, then I give you a “plan of attack” for getting your business up and running in a pre-selected niche.

2) Creating & setting up your website:

You can’t have a business without a website. I’m going to provide a link that will help you design a beautiful, free website. We are going to be walking you through the process of the initial website set-up. Go here and copy/paste link into your browser:

3) Create & register a domain name:


You’ll need to know how I use the FREE services of to search for top-quality .com domain names. I have used this service for many years, and have acquired fabulous names for not only my own niche websites, but also for websites I have flipped.

It’s an amazing tool to use for finding great names in a jiffy. Try to choose a good domain name that fits your website.

Copy/paste link into your browser:

4) Write amazing & compelling content that converts:


If you can create readable content, you are going to be a successful marketer. Not sure of yourself? No problem! Wealthy Affiliate will guide you. Most people simply fail because they do not follow the six rules of creating quality content online.

These include:
(1) Small Paragraphs
(2) Separate Your Ideas with HEADING Tabs (h3 or h4, read post)
(3) Black or Dark Grey text on white background
(4) Use conversational speak
(5) Use a captivating headline
(6) Use a relevant image within the first fold of the page

5) Post your first completed website with social media platform Pinterest:

How You Learn And Earn In 2023 - 7 Steps On Being A Top Dog Affiliate using social media.

Pinterest is a very popular social platform that can help you generate traffic to your site. (Remember, without traffic drivers, you have nothing!)  There are many other social media platforms you can post your product or service on, but I recommend Pinterest above the rest. (You can create ‘pins’ for free)

In this training you are going to learn how you can leverage Pinterest to get more traffic to your website, and even to get more traffic/referral directly to your WA affiliate links. In order to use Pinterest, you will need an account first and you can create a free one using the following link:

6) How to index your website with google:

Once you’ve completed all the steps regarding your site, you want to publish it and then have it indexed in google. Once indexed, search engines will list your site in SERP. SERP ( Search Engine Result Page), is a webpage a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo shows a user your product or services webpage, when they type a search query. I’ve posted a video link for you to view and receive more detailed information.

7) Submit your website to Google Search Console:

With the help of Google Search Console (which is a free service), you can monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your sites presence in Google Search results. You’ll receive alerts when Google encounters indexing, spam, or other issues on your site. It’ll show you what sites are linked to your website.

In Conclusion:

You must ALWAYS keep in mind that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day!’ Many novices entering the business world, want a quick way of earning and think this is it. Studies have shown 97% of folks starting an online business FAIL within the first 2 years!!

So do you want to join the 3%, applying the knowledge you’ve acquired and achieve successful results in the long run? Or do you want the get-rich-quick, fast pace action that’s DOOMED for failure? (Welcome to the 97% class)!

Go Here to Get Started

Here’s a simple 4-step formula I use to generate a passive 10k online income:



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  1. Hi Ronald,

    Anything related to making money online always gravitates my attention. When it is about content, everywhere the accent is made on writing good content that can convert to trigger traffics to your site. How can you explain your understanding of good content in terms of format?

    However, this article has explained all steps for someone needing to start an online business.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you Aubin for checking in with me. When it comes to SEO and achieving top ranking position, then keywords and good content plays a big role. When your website is formatted correctly with good content, readers will stay on your page longer and this is what google likes.

  2. Thanks for a great article! I was wondering if you need to submit your sitemap to places other than Google. Do you need to add it to Bing too? Or do they all “talk” to Google? 

    Also, does your website have to focus on just one niche? Or can you write about many different topics in one site?

    1. Ally to answer your last question first, you DON’T have to focus on one niche. Like myself, for example, I have a love, dating & relationship niche and have numerous topics under it, but still all based on dating.

      When you create a new site, once it’s published your next move should be to submit it through Google search console along with Google & Bing sitemaps. They all work together Ally. (Google owns Yahoo as well)! 

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