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Bob James – Lead Trader
Over 10 years Forex trading experience
Bob is the lead trader behind 1000pip Builder. He worked for one of the leading financial services institutions in London and has over 10 years of experience as a skilled Forex trader and mentor. He now wants to bring his expertise to a wider audience and help home traders make a success of Forex trading. This is a unique opportunity to learn from an seasoned trader and follow the trades taken on Bob’s own trading account.

Bob is highly proficient in fundamental and …

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Ronald Kennedy

Ron Keeps His Nose To The Grindstone And Every Task He Undertake, He's Very Serious About It. Regardless If Ron Is Working Online With His Business, Sketching A Drawing, Updating A New Funny Profile For His humor Book, Creating Paintings, Or Working On His Music With His Chicago Brothers, He Always Find Time To Help Others Succeed. That's What It's All About In Life; Helping Others Succeed During Your Journey.

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